Experience, Experience – Jobs to Further Your Studies and Career

Retail and hospitality jobs can be great, but they’re not exactly your first choice for a long-term career and they’re not going to give you any experience in the field of your degree. If you really want to get ahead of your mates during Uni, finding a job that will give you industry experience and help out with your studies is the perfect way to get started. So, what kind of opportunities are there for you to get hands-on in your area of study?  

Media and Communication 

If you’re more of a creative person, there are plenty of positions available in marketing and content creation. These jobs could have you doing a variety of things, from writing content for ads and media, planning marketing campaigns, helping with product launches, and more. Roles like these all involve substantial communication and collaboration between teams, and can be the perfect opportunity to gain industry experience and apply theories learned in classes at Uni.  

This practical application of theory can help your grades in Uni and give you a head start on your career afterwards. But if you like what you’re doing and want to go ahead with it full time, you can walk away from Uni and chase your dream after just 8 months of studying an SIBT Diploma of Media and Communication, graduating with nationally recognized qualifications to prove you’ve got what it takes. 


For those interested in engineering, there are loads of opportunities to get your hands dirty with some on-site experience. With the critical thinking and communication skills you acquire studying your Diploma of Engineering at SIBT, you can excel as a field service engineer, performing repairs and preventative maintenance on equipment, and gaining first-hand experience with complicated systems. 

Firms around Sydney are also hiring university students as manufacturing assistants and interns, allowing you to learn more about the production processes that go in to making the goods you enjoy and helping to boost your understanding of engineering design.  

Business Administration 

If you’re really keen on starting that corporate career you’ve been working towards, then starting off as an administration assistant could be the opportunity you’re looking for. This is a role that will put the collaboration, marketing, and management skills you learn in your Diploma of Business Admin study to the test. An opportunity like this can get you prepared for further adventures into office life and teach you all the ins and outs of corporate operations. 

Final thoughts… 

While these are just a handful of opportunities available to you while studying, the possibilities are endless once you’ve graduated. The skills you develop while studying will help you to excel in these positions, while the practical application of what you’re learning in the real-world can boost your understanding of it and push you even further ahead in both your studies and future career.  

If you’re lucky enough to find a job you really enjoy, then graduating in just 8 to 12 months with an SIBT Diploma is the perfect way to show your qualified for it and to continue working your way up in your new career! But if you’d rather keep going for the full degree, no worries! You can join the other 20,000+ SIBT alumni who have progressed with a guaranteed pathway into university.  

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