Missed out on an offer to Uni? Don’t panic, there’s another way in!

Whether you’ve missed out on receiving an offer to study at university or you don’t like the options you’ve been left with, there is no reason to panic. As we outlined in our blog ‘Dealing with the Chaos of the ATAR Release‘, there are a number of routes to higher education. Although, if your parents are hounding you for your results or you have your heart set on a Bachelor of Business, a future in IT, Engineering or even a place in Media, we have you covered

The Diploma 

Studying a diploma at SIBT guarantees you direct entry into year two of a bachelor degree at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus. Meaning, you’ll still complete your tertiary studies in three years! Well, four if you study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). You start with your friends and you graduate with your friends. We’d call that a win. 

You can choose from five diploma programs, that will gain you access to a number of bachelor degrees. 

Diploma of Arts Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology and Criminal Justice) 
Diploma of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Accounting 
Diploma of Media and Communication Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) 
Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) 
Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) 
Diploma of EngineeringBachelor of Engineering (Honours) 
Bachelor of Engineering Science 
Diploma of Information Technology Bachelor of ICT  Bachelor of Information Systems 

That’s all good and proper if a Uni degree is your end goal, but what if you just want to fast forward to working in the industry of your dreams? Our diplomas are a level five qualification, designed to equip students with a broad set of skills and in-depth knowledge about the industry they wish to join. Of course, you can’t study a Diploma of Engineering and want to gain an entry level role in marketing, it would, however, set you up for entry into a technical field. We’re practical like that! 

The Foundation 

Did you skip your exams or didn’t complete year 12? Our Foundation program may be right for you. We’ll help get you up to scratch and prepare you for university learning. The good news is, if you do well and achieve a mark of 70% overall in your first semester, you may be eligible to jump straight into a diploma, bypassing the rest of the program! Not so scary after all. 

Final thoughts  

As you can see, there’s no reason to panic, you don’t have to get left behind. You don’t even have to hide from your folks as you attempt to create your own university (it’s too much work, trust us). We’ve got programs that will get you to where you want to be. Applications are still open, so apply for free today

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