Skill Shortages in Australia – Where to Focus Your Next Career Move

The past year has seen some incredible growth in certain industries, like construction and IT spheres. While great for business, the problem is that this explosive growth has left companies in these industries shorthanded, creating extra demand for certain skills and shortages in the labour market. So if you’re looking at a career move, there’s no better place to be focusing on than an industry where your skills are in high demand, but what kind of options are there? Let’s take a deep dive into industries where you’ll have the best opportunity to level up your career

Engineering Industries 

Whether it’s civil, mechanical, or electrical, the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment will tell you that demand for qualified engineers is high right now. Partially because of government-funded projects, the construction industry is seeing a large boom across Australia. There are countless projects underway right now, all of which require skilled engineers and project managers with an eye for the details. And of course, throughout their construction and useful lives, these projects are going to require someone to build, maintain, and repair their systems, leading to a large demand for engineering technicians – a position perfect for someone who just graduated with an SIBT Diploma of Engineering.  

Interested in becoming a fully-fledged, professional engineer? Well don’t worry, because with SIBT you can fast-track your first year of university in just 8 months, then continue into year two of your Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program with guaranteed entry to Western Sydney University’s Sydney City Campus

Information Technology 

So, you’ve been stuck at home in lockdown for a few weeks – how are you going to stave off the boredom? That’s right, the internet. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon, or others, loads of streaming services and online shopping platforms have skyrocketed over the past year. But don’t think it’s just the big guys getting all the traffic, because smaller firms have seen just as much demand on their customer-facing systems as the digital economy continues to soar.  

All this means that the demand for big data and cloud engineers, database and systems administrators, and full stack developers is way up as companies expand their systems to handle this increased demand, according to Hays Recruitment. But don’t forget that this increased traffic also means increased vulnerability to the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, consequentially creating great demand for IT security specialists. Australian tech is booming, and there’s no better way to get your foot in the door with a Diploma of Information Technology from SIBT. 

Media and Communications 

Hays have also rightly pointed out that this boom in the digital economy has also brought a boom in digital marketing spaces, as businesses work to put their ads where their audiences are. So, to make the most of the spaces available, all sorts of companies are looking for digital marketing experts who know these platforms inside and out, someone who can nail their online marketing campaigns. And with all the new ad traffic, they’re also going to be looking for customer relationship managers who can keep their clients coming back for more, so being qualified with something like a Diploma of Media and Communications is a great way to get started. 

But if coordinating marketing campaigns isn’t your thing, don’t stress! All of these campaigns need content to go along with them, whether that’s a photo or a blog. So, if you’re more of a creative-type, you could take a path into content creation and copy writing, starting off strong with a Diploma of Arts.  

Final thoughts… 

With such a shakeup to the global economy, there are plenty of industries where strong growth is forecasted to continue for the foreseeable future. So, whether it’s engineering or marketing, there are all kinds of opportunities to level up your career, and there’s no better way to get qualified than a diploma from SIBT. 

With both online and on-campus learning in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, SIBT makes it easy to study where you work; and with fast-track options to complete your diploma in just 8 to 12 months, you can dive into that new industry in no time. And if you decide you want to take your qualifications that one step further, you can take advantage of guaranteed progression into the second year of your bachelor’s degree, like 90% of our over 25,000 graduates have done. 

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