Why Goal Setting is so Important

We all strive for success, it’s in our nature, but few people are lucky enough to have it fall into their laps.  So, if you want to perform at your highest level, or get somewhere you want to be, you need to have a clear vision of what you want and set goals in orderContinue reading “Why Goal Setting is so Important”

The BEST Way to Get Ready for an Exam

Exams are only a week away here at SIBT, and for some, there’s only a week left until they’re ready to start their journey at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus (this could be you!). But even for our most experienced SIBT veterans, exam weeks can be some of the most stressful and challenging timesContinue reading “The BEST Way to Get Ready for an Exam”

Making the Most of Summer in Sydney

With restrictions easing and things slowly getting back to normal in Sydney, it’s finally time to discover everything this great city has to offer. From a beach day at Manly, to the bars by The Rocks, or a game of cricket in Centennial Park, Greater Sydney has so much going on you’d be hard-pressed to findContinue reading “Making the Most of Summer in Sydney”

Life With a Diploma: Where Can it Take You?

Everyone knows that completing a diploma or university degree is a great way to get ahead and take your career to the next level, but what exactly do you do with your diploma once you’re done? SIBT graduates can use their diplomas for anything from Uni entry to job applications, and with the variety ofContinue reading “Life With a Diploma: Where Can it Take You?”

New Year, New Career – How to Improve Your Employability

Whether it’s a position at the shops, on a job site, or in an office complex, competition for employment is fierce right now. With so many applicants and so few openings, employers can cherry-pick the best-of-the-best to fill their vacancies, so it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re competitive. Improving your employability canContinue reading “New Year, New Career – How to Improve Your Employability”

Experience, Experience – Jobs to Further Your Studies and Career

Retail and hospitality jobs can be great, but they’re not exactly your first choice for a long-term career and they’re not going to give you any experience in the field of your degree. If you really want to get ahead of your mates during Uni, finding a job that will give you industry experience and help out with your studiesContinue reading “Experience, Experience – Jobs to Further Your Studies and Career”

Dealing with the Chaos of the ATAR Release

The big day is almost here! With ATARs releasing across the country this week, you might be a bit nervous about the chaos of what comes next. After all, this number will determine where you might study, whether you’ll get into the course you want, or your future career. But don’t panic! Even if youContinue reading “Dealing with the Chaos of the ATAR Release”